Month in Hacks January 2020

Healthcare systems are prone to data leakage again this month, and a new report found a slew of issues that make e-scooters vulnerable to attacks. Once again, this goes to show the importance of cyber security and practicing healthy security hygiene.

More than 1,000 Patients Affected by Detroit-Area Hospital Breach

Data breaches don't always happen from outside sources, as evidenced at Michigan's Dearborn campus of Beaumont Hospital. A hospital employee, who has since been fired, was caught handing over sensitive patient data to a person working for a personal injury attorney.The breach impacted patients who stayed at the hospital between February 2017 and October 2019. Leaked data is thought to include insurance information, reason for treatment, and possibly social security numbers.Hospital officials were notified of the breach by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, a watchdog group. They are also in contact with police to determine if the person who leaked the info should face criminal charges.

Phishing Scam Gains Access to Info on Nearly 200,000 Patients

While the Michigan healthcare breach affected around 1,200 hospital patients, one in California has impacted more than 199,500. In the California case, sensitive information associated with former and current patients of the PIH Health network may be at risk.The network operates a number of hospitals, urgent care facilities and other medical centers throughout southern California. While the breach was first discovered in June 2019, the network didn't start sending out notifications to patients until January 2020.The cause of the breach is thought to be a phishing campaign targeting employee email accounts. Hackers were able to access several of these accounts without authorization over a week-long span last June.

E-Scooters Found Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

It's not just healthcare networks that are vulnerable to data breaches. E-scooters are evidently on the list as well. University of Texas researchers found the same technology that makes the scooters convenient also makes them a prime target for hacks and data breaches.Researchers conducted a study that outlined how hackers could launch an array of attacks that range from data theft to denial of service attacks. They said it would also be possible to eavesdrop on scooter user conversations as well as gain control of the GPS system to instruct riders to erroneous locations.The study reported how hackers could easily access the wireless channels between which the scooter and the riders' smartphone app interact. This opens an easy avenue and can be done with software and tools that are readily available.The TeleSign blog mentioned recently the importance of protecting these accounts associated with connected devices. Failing to do so could leave a user's account vulnerable and turn a connected device against them.All these hacks and more could have been prevented with better security hygiene. TeleSign protects 21 of the top 25 global web properties and we are prepared to help you. To learn more about how TeleSign uses authentication and mobile identity solutions to protect against fraud, click here to talk to an expert today.

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