Mobile World Congress 2013

 The upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is the mobile industry's biggest showcase of new devices.A lot of the focus will likely surround the development of new quad-core smartphones with 1080p HD screens.  There will also be plenty of buzz around the Windows Phone 8 (phones & tablets) as well as new Android phones from Nokia, HTC, and Samsung  (even if they're not debuting the Galaxy S4).  We can expect the swirling debates to continue as to whether BlackBerry and Microsoft can still compete as underdogs in a world now dominated by Android and iOS.Blah, blah, blah…

I'm way more intrigued by the ecosystem behind the handsets and how it will change the every day lives of today's businesses and their customers. Things like how global messaging is evolving, the rise of B2C and application-to-person (A2P) text messaging, online security/privacy, and information protection in the cloud are just more interesting.There is so much going on just in the world of A2P SMS. The A2P market is expected to be worth $70.1 billion and overtake person-to-person (P2P) SMS by 2016 (Juniper Research, 2011). This is not surprising given the rise of mission-critical, service-enabling messages used to cement customer relationships. Example include:

  • Confirm deliveries: With SMS, companies can track packages and maintain inventory levels every time as stock arrives. Transactional-based triggers allow alerts to be set up based on when inventory levels get too low, when assets are disposed, and the like. Plus, messages can give exact delivery times and dates, so your customers know you when their package is going to be delivered.
  • Send product alerts: Text messages enable businesses to provide excellent customer service and deliver new product notifications cheaply and easily.
  • Appointment Reminders: Doctors, dentists, financial planners and a wide range of business professionals can leverage SMS for automating appointment reminders.
  • Status Alerts: Many cloud-based technology firms are looking to use text messaging for system alerts (e.g., when an individual or server are reaching capacity thresholds).  This also includes airlines notifying customers when there are flight changes or delays so they can make alternative arrangements if need be.

With the acquisition of Routo Telecommunications (rebranded as TeleSign Mobile), we're a mobile operator in our own right with network access and direct connections to global operators.  This not only enhances TeleSign's suite of security and authentication solutions, but enable us to provide these types of emerging mission-critical SMS services to the largest global web properties.NOTE: If you happen to be going to MWC, I encourage you to stop by the TeleSign Mobile stand (Hall 8.1, Stand81J38) to learn more about this exciting new partnership.So, if you get tired of the bells and whistles of the new phones, make sure to peel back the onion and explore all the new areas of growth that make up this evolving ecosystem."

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