May is User Authentication Awareness Month

If you enjoy social networking, gaming, online banking, or just the convenience of checking your email from anywhere in the world, you probably already know you run the risk of account compromise. In 2012 alone, more than 24 million accounts were hacked, exposing sensitive customer information.

Authentication Awareness Month was created to inform customers and businesses about the benefits of turning on two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication can prevent user accounts from being hijacked and act as a real-time alert for users whose username and passwords have already been compromised.

How it Works:

Going through this process of two-factor authentication is an easy and incredibly efficient way to protect your account from being hijacked.  If you activate two-factor authentication hackers would not only have to steal your username and password but they would also have to steal your phone in order to gain access to your account. Anyone can do it, there are no applications, tokens or hardware required, just a phone.

The Awareness Campaign will run throughout May, showcasing different videos, demos, and resources to educate the public on the growing problem of online security and how two-factor authentication can protect account access. TeleSign will share daily tips throughout the month on the company blog, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and Facebook page.

If you are not already using 2FA, turn it on today or ask your provider to implement it now. If you'd like more information on User Authentication Awareness Month please contact me.

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