Masters of Voice

To provide a complete messaging solution, SMS is simply not enough. Voice not only helps you reach a much broader market due to SMS technical limitations, it is also sometimes a preferred method.  Voice can close a critical deliverability gap if you are using SMS only to reach your customers and users and ensures you don't ostracize a large percentage of your user community.  Therefore, choosing a cloud communications partner that has mastered both sides of the messaging coin is of the utmost importance.

Many of TeleSign's customers use our services for real-time transactional decision making and verification.  That leaves very little margin for error.  Our customer must be able to make real-time decisions about what to do with a number based on critical information associated with that number.  As well, the end-user recipients of our phone verification services are expecting a call or SMS message to appear in real-time, since the transaction they intend to complete with that message simply cannot wait.  This must be accomplished in every country on the planet and accommodate myriad languages, both, written (SMS) and spoken (voice to mobile or voice to landline).

If your use case relies on quality and performance, ask your vendor the tough questions about coverage — localizing the experience by language, service availability and deliverability, services to ensure calls are dialable (call cleansing), and the critical capabilities to determine if a number is high risk (phone type).

  • What are your core business needs?
  • Is deliverability critical to your business use case?
  • Does your vendor value performance as much as your customers?
  • And does your vendor “measure” performance the way you do?

Ask the tough questions, because not all vendors are created equal. Give our Voice API a test drive - try it free.

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