Long Live the Queen: Using New Tools to Fight Fraud in a Known Market

Despite only being roughly the size of Michigan, the UK boasts the fifth strongest economy in the world and its most well known city, London, is the fifth wealthiest globally. Brexit be damned, between their daily tea breaks consumers in the region certainly still have money to burn—and no matter where you're based, you want more of it spent with your business…But, securely.

A Target for You Is a Target for Them

As of 2017, fraud is officially a billion pound industry in the UK.Losses due to unauthorized transactions on payment cards, remote banking and checks totaled £731.8 million. Through various methods, fraudsters are able to use stolen credit cards to make purchases all over the internet. The cost--to businesses and honest consumers alike--is high.

However, TeleSign is prepared to help you quell this fraud. Using our mobile identity solutions you can better verify UK-customer transactions to be sure that the person making the purchase is who they say they are. TeleSign will snuff these fraudsters out and send them to the Tower of London! (Or, just off your platform.)

Know Your UK Numbers

Our status as the most globally enabled customer identity and communications provider positions us to continuously offer new fraud detection services in the markets most sought after by our customers. Simply put, with TeleSign, you and your customers will be safer than the Queen's royal corgis.

With Contact Match, an add-on solution to our PhoneID API, you merely ask your customers for their name, address and phone number during a transaction and, in real-time, we'll match the information they provide to what's on record for that number with their mobile operator.

Perfect match? Most likely, that's a good customer. Stealing a credit card is one thing, knowing the phone number and address associated with it is another.Through APIs such as Contact Match, TeleSign now has KYC (Know Your Customer) capabilities based on phone numbers for over 2 billion users! That kind of intel can make even James Bond blush.

Contact our team to learn more about our mobile identity coverage in the UK and other countries and to see how easy it is to integrate the PhoneID API into your online experience.

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