How to Use SMS to Communicate & Market to Baby Boomers

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April 30, 2018

Baby boomers, defined as people between the ages of 55 and 72, spend more money than any other portion of consumers in the United States. Over the next 20 years, spending by consumers over 50 years old is expected to increase by more than half.This generation is also the fastest-growing adopters of mobile, with over 66% saying they regularly send text messages. One reason for this adoption might be related to hearing loss. An unfortunate side-effect to growing older is the decreased ability to hear clearly. Often, when a person with hearing difficulties attempts to communicate with a business over a voice call, they grow frustrated at their inability to hear the automated or live information coming through the headset. This results in confusion and wasted time and effort trying to get what they need, when they need it.The days when text messaging was strictly reserved for the younger generations are over. If your business caters to baby boomers, adopting an SMS messaging strategy is key to meeting the needs of your customer base.

How SMS helps baby boomer customers

1. Appointment reminders

As baby boomers get older, they will become more reliant on healthcare. Since their healthcare needs will increase in the coming years, improving the patient experience will become even more essential to stay competitive. With A2P SMS messaging, you can offer patients the convenience of SMS appointment reminders to ensure timely, accurate communication.

2. Senior discounts and early-bird sales

As an increasing number of baby boomers adopt smartphones, marketers will do well to adjust their communication strategy. Good marketing isn't just about the right message - it's also about sending the right message to the right people at the right time. If you're offering a sale or discount for senior citizens, SMS messages are a surefire way to help get the word out about exclusive sales for baby boomers.

3. Delivery notifications

An automatic SMS message is the perfect way to keep baby boomers updated on the progress of their delivery and to provide an immediate notification when delivery is successful. That way, they know when the package has been delivered, which is especially useful for perishable, urgent, or valuable items.

4. Medication reminders

For many aging patients, multiple prescriptions are an absolute necessity. Instead of forcing baby boomer patients to track and remember prescription instructions for multiple drugs, you can use SMS reminders as a simple and effective way to provide medication reminders.

5. Community alerts

During a security incident or an emergency, the speed of communication is critical. For communicating with a large group of people, like baby boomers living in a senior community, you can't beat the effectiveness of SMS messages. SMS is also a convenient tool in less urgent scenarios, like when you need to share information about upcoming community events.

6. Bank account fraud prevention

Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to scams and financial fraud. According to NerdWallet, the simplest way to prevent these scams is with a fraud alert. Text messages provide a quick, effective way to alert senior citizens when their bank account is accessed or funds are withdrawn, so they can immediately take action to minimize the effects of the fraud.

7. Ride services

Ride-sharing apps have changed the way we get around, and A2P SMS messaging plays a vital role in the effectiveness of these apps. Whether boomers are using a popular ride-sharing app or a ride service for seniors, text message reminders help them easily track their ride's location and arrival time. Riders can also cancel, reroute, or ask for help from their driver, all from the convenience of their smartphone.

How TeleSign Can Help

For any business serving baby boomers, TeleSign can help. Easy-to-integrate SMS APIs allow you to streamline your interaction with customers of all ages. You can provide timely, personalized messaging for your customers through SMS notifications, alerts, reminders and custom messages. Additionally, two-way communications enable users to reply to texts, which drives engagement with your business.Direct-to-carrier routes and phone number cleansing ensure the highest possible delivery and conversion rates for your messages. And with delivery available in over 200 countries and territories in 87 languages, you're covered no matter where you are.Ready to get started? Developers can now efficiently test and deploy TeleSign APIs and SDKs with no contract commitments or minimum transactions with our self-service SMS API. Contact us today or sign up for your free trial.

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