How to Get Access to, Test & Use TeleSign's APIs

The easiest way to use TeleSign's products is to create an account via our self-service portal. By creating an account, you will get $5 to start using our products.The products available in self-service are:

  • Messaging: Enables you to build communications and account security SMS messaging into web and mobile applications
  • Voice: This is similar to Messaging, but communications and account security are provided via voice calls
  • Score: If you need to reduce fraudulent account registration, Score is the best option for you. You can reduce fraud with phone number risk level checking
  • App Verify: This is the best option if you want to integrate a phone number verification process into existing iOS and Android applications
  • PhoneID: Useful if you want to know more information about the phone type and telecom carrier of your application users

You can choose which product you like, or you can use all of them.

Creating an Account

Go to Here, you need to provide some basic information such as your name, email and the password that you will use to access the portal.

After this, your account is created and you will receive an email with an activation link, while you are automatically redirected to the portal dashboard page. If you want to start using products, you will need to activate your account via the activation link sent to your email. You will also be prompted to complete a simple phone verification. Your API key will not be provided before those steps are completed, but you will still be able to see all the features within the dashboard.

Account Dashboard

API Keys and Customer ID. In the account dashboard, you can see all necessary information for using TeleSign products. The most important items are Customer ID and API Key, which will populate once verification is complete. The API Key is hidden by default and you can reveal it by clicking on the eye image. To avoid account compromise, do not email or otherwise share your secret API Keys.

You can manage your API Key on the Account Settings page. On that page you can also see your Customer ID and REST Endpoint.

In order to generate a new API key, you must expire the old one. Click on the “Reset Key” link from the API Key section of the Account Settings page. You can choose to expire the current key immediately, after 1h, 24h, 7days… If you choose the “Expire immediately” option, you won't be able to use that API Key anymore, so the best option is to set the expire date to 1h at least, since you will need to change this key in the config file of your application.

Once the new key is added, you can expire the old one at any time but, again, make sure you have configured your systems to use your new API Key before clicking Expire.

If you do not choose the “Expire immediately” option, you will have 2 API keys. You can revert this change and return to the old key by clicking the “Revert” button.

If you changed your API key in the config file of your application, you can expire the old key by clicking the button “Expire.” After that, the old key will be removed and you cannot use it anymore.


Visit the Getting Started section of our Documentation center to guide your next steps. Our docs center has handy quick starts for each product to explain how to use a TeleSign product to complete a general set of tasks using a walkthrough of a code sample.We recommend building your project using one of the TeleSign SDKs, because the SDKs handle authentication for you. Available TeleSign SDKs include:

If you are trying out App Verify, you will need the App Verify SDK documentation and SDK:

If you do not want to use one of TeleSign's SDKs, you need to handle authentication yourself. To get started, review the Authentication page, which provides a detailed explanation of how to set up authentication.

Test numbers. When your account is created, you are in a trial period and can use our products only for numbers that are verified through the portal. This is for test purposes and when you upgrade your account, this is no longer required.You can add 10 phone numbers, but since all phone numbers must be verified, make sure you have access to all 10 phones. You can add and remove numbers as necessary.On your account dashboard, you can access the test numbers page in the Test Numbers section on the main page or through the link on the sidebar menu.

On the Test Numbers page, click on the “Add a Number” button to add a new test number. After clicking the button, you will see a dialog box with a form where you must fill in basic phone number information. You can also choose a nickname for that number.

The phone number you provided will get an SMS message with a one-time verification code that you must enter to verify the number.After this, the phone number is added and you can start using products with this number. (Note that once you add a phone number, you cannot change it later. You can only edit the nickname.)

How to Upgrade

You've tested TeleSign products and now you want to start using them. What next? You should upgrade your account.To upgrade your account, click on the “Upgrade” button in your sidebar menu.

After clicking on the button, you will be presented with a dialog box where you must enter your credit card data.

You can always add another credit card or delete this one later. The amount that you add at the beginning is just for the first setup; you can always add more after the upgrade process is complete.If all data you have entered is correct, you should click on the “Upgrade” button to finish this process. You will now have an updated section in the sidebar menu called “Billing” where you can:

  • add more money to the account
  • add a new credit card
  • set up auto-recharge

Now you can use TeleSign products for all phone numbers and the “Test Number” feature is no longer needed or available.Your current balance will be visible on the main dashboard homepage. You can use all products as long as you have money in your account.


Each product has its own pricing and you can view that pricing via the corresponding links for each product.

Choose which product are you interested in and click on the link to see prices for that product. This link will take you to the TeleSign website Pricing page where you can view or download the price list for each product.Note that Messaging, Voice and App Verify products have different pricing for each country.

Billing Overview Page

On this page, you can manage all necessary billing data. This page is divided into three sections:

  • Current Balance
  • Auto Recharge
  • Payment Methods

Current Balance. Here you can add funds to your account. When clicking on the button “Add Funds” you will see a dialog box where you can choose the amount that you wish to add and the credit card you want to use.

Auto Recharge. This is a useful feature if you don't want to be in a situation where you have no money in your account. For example, if you use the Messaging product, it would be really bad if your application users cannot login or signup on your application because you don't have enough funds in your account to send the needed messaging.If you decide to use this feature, you should click on button “Manage” to set all necessary data.

Auto Recharge can be “disabled,” so if you decide to use this feature, you can stop it at any time. You can disable this feature by choosing the “Disable” radio button and clicking on “Save.”If you want to “enable” or start to use this feature, you should choose the “Enable” radio button. Now you will need to choose:

  • which credit card you want to use for this
  • the amount that should be the minimum balance to trigger auto recharging
  • the amount to add when recharging your account

The minimum amount that triggers the recharging needs to be lower than the recharge amount. This action will charge the chosen amount from your credit card.Payment Methods. If you have more than one credit card, you will want to use this feature. Just click on the button “Manage.” Here, you can:

  • add a new credit card
  • delete an old one
  • choose which credit card is the default one

The default card is the one that is selected by default when you are adding funds or want to start using auto-recharge. You can always change which card you want to use.

Product Settings

If you want to change the default configuration settings for products (e.g. you want to disable “callback” for App Verify) you can easily do that by clicking on the “Settings” option for the product you want to change in the Products section of the side menu. All products have “Settings” and “Documentation” pages. You can also see the current configuration for all our products, including which countries are blocked for Messaging or Voice, the number of transactions allowed per second, the maximum length of an SMS message, and more.

URL Shortener

If you are using our Messaging product, our URL Shortener is an interesting feature. The feature ‘s default setting is “Disabled” but you can “Enable” it from the Settings page for Messaging. When “Enabled,” all URLs in SMS messages that you send will be automatically shortened. With this feature, you not only get a shorter SMS message, but TeleSign is also providing you with detailed statistics for each URL you send.

Contact Us

If you experience any issues using the self-service portal or have any questions for our team, you can always contact us for help. From the left “Support” menu, you can:

  • Find a link to visit our Support Center for our knowledge base of helpful information
  • Find a link to visit our System Status page for API uptime information for TeleSign services, in addition to incident history reports and service issues alerts.
  • Send General Feedback on your experience using the self-service portal
  • Create ticket for our Support team if you have a problem with one of our products
  • Send a request to unblock a country if a country you want to send messages or voice calls to is on our default blocked list Note: by default, Russia, China, Japan, India and Vietnam are part of our restricted country list.  This is because these countries have very strict regulations about sending SMS messages to end users. In order for TeleSign to enable these countries on your account, you will have to contact us, using the link on the portal side bar.  Once our Compliance team reviews your request, we will inform you of next steps.

Other Features

In our self-service portal you can also see:

  • Reports
  • A Transaction Reports page with all transactions from your account
  • A Usage Report page where you can see how much money you've spent on each product
  • A User Profile page where you can change your account data or change your password
  • All links to important pages like documentation for each product

Have fun building!

Let us know if you need any help along the way.

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