How TeleSign Helps Citrix ShareFile Provide Additional Security to Global Users

Who is Citrix ShareFile? Citrix ShareFile is a secure data sync and sharing service that allows organizations to mobilize all enterprise data, and empower user productivity anywhere. ShareFile enables mobile productivity with read-write access to data, and allows users to securely share files with anyone, and sync files across all of their devices.

How did TeleSign Help?

Citrix ShareFile has a strong presence in such vertical markets as finance, accounting, legal, insurance and healthcare. So providing their customers with access controls tough enough to avoid account breaches was a priority. At the same time, they didn't want to burden them with the need to remember yet another set of credentials. Or involve them in challenging procedures or anything that would negatively impact the user experience.

That's where TeleSign came in. Along with prior experience in the sector, TeleSign offered a combination of global coverage, multiple messaging options, including voice and SMS, a clear commitment to UX/UI best practice, and the piece of mind that comes from working with a company 100% focused on security.

Using TeleSign's Voice & SMS verification products, Citrix ShareFile now offers users the ability to add multi-factor authentication to their accounts, as an extra layer of protection, beyond basic usernames and passwords. This effectively blocks fraudsters from gaining access to these accounts, even if the fraudster manages to obtain a user's credentials.

Read the full Case Study here.

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