How Data Products Guarantee Safety

Look around you right now, there are probably a few empty desks in the building today. Or try to listen to your surroundings, you hear sniffles, a nagging cough, an ear-popping sneeze. Ah yes, flu season is in full swing. In fact it has been since October. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that we are in the midst of the longest flu season ever.

You're aware of all the classic symptoms of the flu coming on; sore throat, runny nose, a numbing head ache and sluggishness. “If only I would have gotten that flu shot this year,” you think to yourself. But alas, it is too late. The only thing that will make life bearable for the next 10 days is water, aspirin and sleep.

Fraud behaves surprisingly like a virus. Most of it is preventable, but once it strikes, the outcome can be devastating,If we expand on this metaphor further, let's think of your platform as the human body. The human body has an immune system and other small boundaries in place to prevent infection. Your nose, ears, mouth act as safeguards, put in place to protect against the various maladies that exist in the oxygen we breathe. As such, most platforms contain security measures, but sometimes those barriers aren't enough. Sometimes we require a layer of preventative medicine.And that preventative medicine is called...


TeleSign features an entire suite of data products designed to keep your platform safe for you and your users. How does it do it? By preventing fraud at registration.

TeleSIgn's PhoneID answers critical questions about users by looking at their phone number to gain data intelligence about their device, contact information, account history and more. This phone number data intelligence helps to strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts, improve risk models and help to quell fraud. Just like a flu shot prevents you from becoming sick, TeleSign PhoneID keeps your platform safe.

While registration is a popular use case data products can really be used at any point during the customer life cycle. If a fraudster gains control of a phone number post-registration, timely data products can prevent fraudulent purchases on your platform by triggering additional security measures. This can save you many metaphorical (and actual) headaches.

PhoneID comes with a number of data attributes that can be configured to fit your specific use case. Just like there are many strains of the flu, there are many ways a fraudster will attempt to game your system. Whether they be keen on fake registrations or even account takeover, data and TeleSign are just what the doctor ordered.

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