Help Us Help You: Account Lifecycle Event Parameter

The account_lifecycle_event parameter is a feature offered in TeleSign's new APIs that allows you to indicate in what part of the online account lifecycle a transaction occurs.

Raman Dhillon, Director of Product at TeleSign, defines the account lifecycle as “…the cycle an online user follows. You create an account, you log in, you do things, you log out and maybe one day you delete your account. Almost every online service that you look at follows that model.”

Dhillon and his team got the idea to offer the feature when they began seeing customers trying to protect their transactions at different points besides registration. The account_lifecycle_parameter allows you to list one of five key places where you could be protecting a transaction:

  1. create – an end-user is creating a new account
  2. sign-in – an end-user is signing in to their exisiting account
  3. transact –an end-user completes a transaction within their account
  4. update – an end-user performs an update, such as changing account information or similar
  5. delete – an end-user is deleting an account

“We collect this information because we want to understand the way our product is being used in the flow so we can make better decisions for our customers. When it comes to Score, we want to have models that cater towards different account lifecycle stages,” Dhillon explains. Every time you pass TeleSign labeled transactions, we can use that information to create better fraud prevention strategies for your company. And, over time, TeleSign plans to develop separate models for different kinds of businesses. Not every business needs the same kind of fraud prevention at the same part of the lifecycle. The long-term goal is to be able to create tailored, detailed strategies that help you prevent fraudulent transactions at any phase of an end user's account lifecycle.

The feature is optional for PhoneID, Voice and Messaging, but required for Score. We recommend using it for every product since the better we understand what phase you're trying to protect your transactions at, the better we can help you keep out fraudsters!

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