Have No Fear, Streaming Audio is Here

The great poet Madonna once said that ‘Music Makes the people come together.' She's not wrong, psychologists have said that music and rhythm create interpersonal synchrony that shape our social brains. It's a shame then when our busy lives get in the way and we don't find out our favorite artists are playing in town until the next day when we see it in a social post.

You know the feeling, it's the fear of missing out (aka FOMO). Symptoms include anger, regret, anxiety. It could be years until given another opportunity to bask in the greatness of Taylor, Queen Bey or your favorite old school rockers. Everyone hates FOMO; it's a plague that must be stopped. But there is a cure (which could ironically include The Cure)

A Remedy for FOMO

TeleSign's Voice platform includes streaming audio. This means would-be concert-goers may never have to miss another show again. How does it work? By sending subscribers an audio message whenever their favorite artist comes to town. They listen to a short and audibly pleasing message and then get options through our interactive voice response (IVR) feature to easily take the next step and begin the purchase process.

Imagine this: it's a Thursday afternoon, it's raining, your internet has mysteriously gone out. Traffic is looking catastrophic and for some reason the plumber wasn't able to fix a clog in your sink. This is by all accounts a crumby day. But then your phone rings and it's future Oscar winner Lady Gaga letting you know that she'll be coming to Staples Center in a couple months and tickets go on sale tomorrow…a beacon of hope in a sea of despair.

TeleSign is working with online ticket brokers, eCommerce sites, and venues to make sure this is the norm, to proactively reach out to fans in order to make sure they aren't left in the cold. This provides a win for everyone. It drives revenue for all involved with the tour and gives fans a chance to purchase tickets well in advance of an event. Not everyone has the time to scour online concert listings in their free time, so here at TeleSign we wanted to offer up a new option. Together, we can destroy FOMO and live in a more musical world. Next time, your customers won't be fawning over a friend's social post, they'll be starring in their own.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies in every sector can use this fascinating new tech to send out branded messaging, various seasonal greetings, really whatever they want. I challenge you to think of all the ways your business could integrate streaming audio. Get creative and go nuts! Your users are waiting.

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