HACK THIS! TeleSign at TADHack Global

After years of reporting on the most diabolical attacks, breaches and threats; I stand here before you today asking you to hack TeleSign. Well, kind of.

We're going to TADHack Global (October 12 and 13) a worldwide hackathon where the best and brightest programmers and developers worldwide look at our APIs to find real world applications. Who knows, maybe you will create the next big web property?

The rules are simple, we're giving you guys the keys to the castle to see what you can develop over a short period of time. Click here to select your weapon and find out how to get in on the fun.The APIs we're unlocking this time around are as follows…


-Phone ID and Phone ID Contact


SMS is our bread and butter. You can use our SMS API to deliver a message anywhere in the world. Why? To deliver alerts, reminders, notifications and various marketing messages to engage with your customers. Maybe you want to change the way the world communicates or perhaps you want to create an app that exists solely to send an SMS that says ‘Sup?' (Who could forget the visionary app Yo?)

What can a phone number tell you about a person? A lot. Our Phone ID API returns subscriber data intelligence to strengthen authentications, evaluate fraud risk and enhance the user experience. During TADHack you will have access to PhoneID standard and Contact. This means through the magic of telco data you will be able to find out a user's device type, carrier name and registration info. By adding in Contact you can find out first name, last name, registered street address, city and state. One might find that information useful when building an Earth-shattering mobile app.

Lastly, we have our Score API which delivers reputation scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium. It's like a credit score for your phone number. Use it to keep bas actors out or let the right one in, why not both? Score effectively prevents fraudulent accounts and bad actors from reaching a platform at registration because the best type of medicine is preventative, right? Score can also be leveraged within other APIs for things like Voice IRSF prevention but that's an expert maneuver…surely you couldn't pull that off in a single hackathon. Could you?

We're counting on you to disrupt the entire tech industry with the incredible products you create. The possibilities are only bounded by the depth of your imagination. Now go out there, get hacking and do us proud.For other TeleSign TADHack Global resources click here.

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