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For years, TeleSign's PhoneID API has been helping businesses around the world learn more about their users in order to improve engagement and block fraud before it occurs. Today, the suite of add-ons available through the API got a major boost with the addition of new data attributes that provide exciting capabilities for our customers.


With TeleSign's PhoneID API, our customers provide us with the phone number of their end-users and receive back the phone type, telecom carrier name and phone registration information, plus a cleansed/reformatted number, as needed. Access to this information has enabled businesses to reduce fraud, inform risk models and even determine the optimal channel for communications. Now, following our recent acquisition by BICS, a leading communications enabler, we can access new authoritative data directly from carriers and integrate this data into PhoneID. This additional data supports a variety of additional use cases and is easily available as add-on features to the API.


When onboarding a new user or verifying a high-value transaction, asking for a phone number has become table stakes in the digital world. Everyone may be doing it, but not everyone is leveraging the information behind the phone number. Our new data attribute add-ons get more out of a phone number than ever before.

Contact Plus

What do you get? Contact information (first & last name, street address, city, state, email), based on carrier subscriber contact data.

How can the data help you? Use it to strengthen existing fraud risk models and improve registration and/or sign-up user experiences with pre-filled form fields.

Here's an example: A new user wants to sign up for your service but encounters your registration form. They enter their phone number and postal code and the rest of the effort (the remaining required information) is populated for them. Clicking “submit” just became more likely.

Contact Match

What do you get? Provide PhoneID with the first/last name and address, in addition to the phone number, and receive a score of 0-100 after this information is cross-checked against carrier subscriber contact data.

How can the data help you? Use it to validate an end-user's physical address at onboarding or during a high-value transaction, verify a shipping address, and/or to strengthen existing fraud risk models.

Here's an example: A customer enters in to an order form that they live in Los Angeles, but the carrier data returned for their phone number says Orlando. They could be a bad actor or just need help making sure their package gets shipped to their right place. Either way, it helps to check.

Subscriber Status

What do you get? The user's current carrier subscriber status: prepaid or postpaid; active, suspended, de-active (intelligence on when a phone number has been truly deactivated also available through separate add-on); account type; primary account holder; and date of last status change (i.e., length of account tenure).

How can the data help you? Use it to understand the strength, value or risk of a user.

Here's an example: Which seems like a better user for your business? A) a user with a suspended account that is in their mother's name and has been open for 1 year or, B) a user with an active, postpaid account that has been in their name for 15 years?

Device Info

What do you get? IMEI number, phone make and model.

How can the data help you? Use it to detect fraud, understand the strength, value or risk of the device holder, and to adjust content and marketing strategies per device.

Here's an example: You want to promote a new app that's currently only available on Android devices. You check your database of user phone data and build an email campaign around the list of users who can actually use your product.


With the availability of these new data attributes within our PhoneID API, our customers can stay ahead of fraudsters, connect with their users in more relevant and engaging ways, and ultimately improve the security and experience of their platform.To learn more about TeleSign's PhoneID API, and to get started today, visit

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