For Once, Fraud Is a Thing of the Past

Once is an online dating app based in Europe that aims to pair singles together. It boasts over 4 million users and creates 20 million matches every month.

Plagued by fake users, more than Once

The cornerstone of online dating is trust. Users trust that they are making authentic connections with real human beings. Users also trust that their personal information is secure. Once took a proactive approach to user trust. They wanted to ensure fake accounts weren't popping up all over their site, potentially impacting their user base. Once was looking for a way to prove to their customer base that they were making safe and real connections with other users.

TeleSign swoops in

TeleSign was able to step in and help Once on multiple fronts, the most important being to help re-establish trust. By deploying TeleSign Score, Once was able to ferret out which accounts might be fraudulent without disturbing or adding friction to their legitimate users. They also used TeleSign's SMS solution to send one-time passcodes (OTPs) to streamline the login process for Once users and also send timely SMS notifications and alerts that lead to increased engagement from Once's user base.

It was a match

Once immediately saw a 12% reduction in fraudulent accounts, which in a world of spam and catfishing attempts goes an extremely long way in making users feel safe and comfortable. Furthermore, Once saw a reduction in up to 50% of their verification costs by implementing a TeleSign solution meaning that Once can not only feel safer about their users' wellbeing, but also appreciate a nice bump in their bottom line.

Telesign helped us reduce fraud by 12% and lower verifications costs by 50%... This is a huge advantage for us-CPO ONCE

Online dating is supposed to be fun, exciting and even scary sometimes, but that fear shouldn't come in the form of internet fraud. Now users can breathe a sigh of relief as they continue the search for their Cinderella or Prince Charming on the Once Dating platform.Read the complete Once Dating customer success story to learn more about how TeleSign can help your business confirm user identities, reduce fraud, and more effectively engage with your users.

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