Extreme Makeover: 2FA and iOS 12

Let's be honest. We know we are supposed to change our oil every 5,000 miles. We know we should back up our computer files, go to the dentist, save more money, eat better and clean the house.

Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Similarly, everyone knows they should be using two factor authentication. It should take more than an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers to steal someone's identity. But truth be told, 2FA adoption is low (our most recent report puts adoption at only 46%). When logging into an account, most users aren't thinking of all the ways their data could be compromised, they just want in quickly. It's the same logic as not locking your front door. 2FA may only take a few seconds but people still opt out.

But iOS 12 is here to fix that.

Apple didn't just announce new phones and watches this week, they confirmed all the new features that will be available Monday, September 17 when iOS 12 officially becomes available to the public. This in itself is huge news in the tech world, but what makes this especially fascinating for security pros is that two-factor codes will now be auto-filled.

That's right, no more memorizing a six-digit code to input into a browser window, your iPhone is going to take that text or push notification and plug that data in for you. What's more is you won't need one of the flashy new phones to do this, your current iPhone will be able to upgrade to the software starting Monday.

This may sound like a relatively small development, but it could have a big impact on  increasing adoption of 2FA. Like our friends at Apple, we at TeleSign want you to be as secure as possible. We've been delivering 2FA codes for the biggest brands in the world for more than a decade, and while we have been encouraged by some growth in adoption over the years, we know there is still a long way to go. We hope this latest update will make a difference. We want you to protect yourself, we want you to lock your front door. Today's announcement just means that your phone will unlock that door for you, and in a world where time is money, we're sure you'll take every second you can get.

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