Engage Your Users with Programmable Communications

As businesses focus on new and innovative ways to contact their users, it is important to understand how these users want to be engaged. According to TeleSign's Customer Reach Report, 89% of customers want to be able to interact with businesses via SMS, 75% of customers said texting with businesses increased their overall satisfaction. Now with omnichannel communications, businesses have even more ways to interact with their customers than ever before. New formats provide a more engaging experience that increase customer satisfaction and add value in ways never before possible. Programmable communications can be the best way to scale your business.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

RCS for the uninitiated is the evolution of A2P messaging. While companies are familiar with sending engaging notes to their users from short-codes via SMS; RCS allows brands to send photos, logos, emojis and multimedia messages that give more information displayed attractively. Additionally, RCS supports chat bots, in app purchases, scrolling carousel messages and all of the fun use cases you find here. Most consumers are now using multiple avenues to communicate with each other. They still use SMS but are steadily moving toward some form of over-the-top (OTT) service like WhatsApp or more commonly in America, iMessage. These OTT services are more intuitive, provide more interactivity and a more attractive display. RCS has finally provided an industry standard for these more robust messages and businesses have cause for celebration.RCS is now available in the United States on most major cell carriers and is extremely popular. 74% of consumers have noted that they would be more likely to engage with brands over RCS as opposed to SMS. That's fairly compelling data as we all know that increased customer engagement leads to increased customer lifetime value.

SMS Engagement into Revenue with EA and Ticketmaster

RCS might be stealing headlines because it's the new technology that everyone is excited about, but it's important to remember that SMS communication with your customers can also build new revenue streams. TeleSign recently conducted a case study with Electronic Arts (EA). Through EA's partnership with TeleSign, EA sent download links to all of their customers on the day of release of their latest game. In a few clicks people could be live and playing (in this case the latest release of The Sims Mobile). Gamers that were sent the link downloaded the app at a higher rate, spent more time on the app, spent more money in the game and were generally more engaged.There are also examples of companies creating entirely new revenue streams with SMS. A few years ago Ticketmaster realized that the online ticketing system was broken. Fans rejected online queues and virtual waiting rooms. Routinely real fans would lose out on tickets to third party ticket brokers.In a disruptive move, Ticketmaster partnered with TeleSign to create the ‘verified fan' program. This program would verify a consumer's fandom and then sell tickets directly through personalized SMS links. No more waiting, no more disappointment at customers missing out on their favorite events because of an algorithm. Not only did this revamp the customer experience, it created a new seven figure revenue stream.For a business, engagement equals dollars.

TeleSign is always innovating new ways to help businesses directly reach out to their users. With programmable voice, SMS and even more omnichannel solutions on the horizon, now is the best time for businesses to be directly targeting consumers with A2P messaging.TeleSign has been connecting and protecting online experiences for over 15 years. We support the largest web properties in the world and we're prepared to help you. Contact TeleSign now and for all of your communication needs and let us help you create a more engaged user.

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