Employee Spotlight: Michael Nelson

Our Peer-Recognition Award quarterly winner is Michael Nelson and while this type of acknowledgment is like kryptonite to him, he still kindly let us share a little bit about him.  

If you could invent a gadget what will it be and why?

The World-Peace-o-Matic.  Hopefully this is self-descriptive, but in essence this simple and affordable device, available to all, would ensure global peace through a combination of crowd-sourced conflict mediation and space-age technology that would nullify any and all weapons.  Hopefully the “why” requires no explanation. All that remains now is to figure out the how.

What do you do for TeleSign?

I develop new software products and add features to existing software.  Along the way, I try to improve my software design to be efficient and easy to maintain.  The most fun aspect of this is solving problems while simultaneously trying to avoid creating new ones.

What historical figure interests or inspires you the most?

Archimedes comes to mind first, as I was recently inspired by his application of mathematics and scientific principles to create inventions far beyond his time.  It's also pretty awesome that he was out-thinking an entire empire at the age of 78.  I would be very curious to see what his life was really like, especially since I've always been interested in the culture of that time.

What wakes you up in the morning or what motivates you to come to work every day?

Breakfast <smiles>

What do you think differentiates TeleSign as a great workplace?

Each of the employees of TeleSign.

If you were a superhero, which one would you be and why? Or better yet, what special super powers do you possess?

If I could choose my super powers, I'd pick them all because I'm greedy like that.  If I had to choose just one though, I'd go with immortality (the eternal-youth kind, not clinical immortality) because I'm very curious where humanity will be 1000 years from now, or even 100 years from now. Hopefully I could also have some mild superman powers to preclude the possibility of getting trapped in a well for 10,000 years.

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