Dreamforce 2013: Salesforce promises tougher security

A clear an consistent theme from nearly every IT and admin management session here at Dreamforce is a focus on security and protecting data stored in the Cloud. The entire show focuses on the speed at which new technology, new products, and innovation is happened. In fact when Marisa Mayer was asked to sum up her experience so far at Yahoo her answer was "Fast." Fast is fantastic, but many security and IT professionals have real concerns. The sentiment seems to be that innovation is outpacing our ability to keep people safe.

Yesterday our very own Sean Whitley shared the Dreamforce stage with Eric Leach the Senior Director, Product Management, Security & Compliance at Salesforce and WIRED journalist Mat Honan to talk about how to protect valuable data in the Cloud. Mat Honan is the now famous writer, who last summer wrote about his epic nightmare hack that he says could have been prevented if he had enabled two-factor authentication (2FA). Salesforce has clearly seen the value is adding 2FA to protect SFDC accounts. Eric Leach even announced that SFDC is making the bold move to require 2FA on all admin accounts and potentially all user accounts in the future. Score one for security!

Journalist Peter Gothathard, who attended the talk, captured this quite nicely in his Computing article, Dreamforce 2013: Salesforce promises tougher security.

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