Don't Underestimate the Operational Impact of Deploying a Generic API Service

This is the second post in our series of seven exploring the pitfalls to avoid when sending mission-critical SMS messages. Download the full e-Guide here.

The decision to utilize a generic API service for sending SMS messages to your users could be a good decision or a very bad one.  For companies relying on SMS for user-initiated, security or authentication messaging, operational investments have to be made to ensure that messages are consistently and reliably delivered. Unfortunately, these investments are usually not baked into most basic API services.

What are we talking about here?

Automated Failovers

A systems architecture is required to automatically switch over to alternative delivery routes to operators in real-time if performance degrades. Individual messages should be retried through one or more routes in response to failures, delays or other network conditions.

Global Carrier Monitoring

Mission-critical messaging requires dynamic monitoring of delivery across global mobile operators. Ideally, the provider has direct access to these operators to escalate any performance issues and make course corrections in real time.

Dedicated SWAT Teams

When there is a persistent issue with a specific route or carrier, a Message Assurance Team can isolate the problem, identify trends and course-correct — often before the operators themselves identify the problem.

Managing Short- and Long Codes

The right blend of short codes and long codes will depend on the use case, the markets, the mobile operator, the volume of messages, and a variety of other variables. Generic API services generally relegate this management to the customer while full service messaging solutions assume this complexity and oversight.A final operational consideration is whether you want to allocate your scarce technical resources to managing message delivery. If you are going to staff message delivery operations with existing headcount, what is the operational cost?  For many companies, that cost is just too high.

Check out the other pitfalls in our new eGuide: “Think SMS is Easy: Seven Pitfalls to Avoid When Sending SMS Messages.”

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