Why Your Delivery App Design Should Include A2P SMS Messaging

Your consumers love getting details about items or services they've purchased. With integration of A2P (Application to Person) SMS messaging as part of your app design, you can keep consumers up-to-date every step of the way--from order acceptance and packaging, to shipping and delivery.

A2P messaging is flexible and can be targeted and personalized based on the specific needs of your users. Do your customers want to be notified the moment a perishable package is placed on a doorstep? Or, maybe they need to know exactly where the package was left: on a porch, in a doorway, or in a mailbox. Specific details can be programmed into the messaging and sent to your customer through automated workflows.

Over 4 billion people across the globe use SMS messaging and expect businesses to offer real-time updates during the consumer purchasing process. With today's reliance on technology, this type of communication between a buyer and a seller is expected. A2P messaging provides real-time delivery updates to customers so they are no longer in the dark about whether or not their order has been received, processed, shipped, or delivered. Communication is ongoing, thorough, and sent to them via their preferred channel for information: SMS directly to their mobile device.

When to Send SMS Messages to Your Customers

To confirm order receipt. Your customers have chosen your product and done their part to get it. Send them an SMS that acknowledges that you've received their order and processed it. It gives them peace of mind that they've successfully completed their share of the steps and the rest is on you.

To coordinate delivery times. This is especially critical for food or live-product deliveries. Users can choose a time frame for drop-off that allows them to be present to receive the delivery as soon as it arrives. You can even program in driver location updates, so customers know exactly where the delivery vehicle is traveling and when it's within a few blocks of the destination.

To follow up on services. After a delivery has been made, it's a smart marketing move to stay in touch with customers. Use A2P messaging to share a follow-up coupon or announce a new special. You can also encourage them to share the app with friends, in exchange for a discount or free gift. And of course, always ask for a rating and review so other potential customers can learn more about your service.

How to Integrate A2P SMS Messaging

TeleSign offers developers easy access to APIs that can be integrated to send and receive SMS messages, globally. Simply sign up for a free account at TeleSign.com, install an SDK in your programming language of choice, and code using our SMS messaging API. Not a developer or want to learn more? Just ask one of our experts. They can also explain why 20 of the top 25 apps in the world use us because of our expansive global network with direct connections, free premium service and support, and optimized and dynamic routing that results in increased delivery rates.

Experience an increase in user engagement, improved customer satisfaction, and higher customer lifetime values.

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