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Everyone hates extra steps. Its no secret technology has made life easier: texting, multitasking, saved passwords.The last thing anyone wants to do is enter more than their username and password when logging into an account. Having said that, no one wants to have their accounts broken into. If you have ever had your email, twitter or bank account hijacked, you know what I am talking about. It's a major invasion of privacy and can cause real damage to you and your friends “Hey Darren, I got your email, I just wired you $500- I hope you make it out of the UK ok.”Hacking is not just a threat to users but to companies alike. This threat of being “hacked” requires serious and vigilant action. In the past 6 months alone, there have been countless companies who have had to defend their reputation because of a security breach. This not only puts your PR team in disaster relief mode but end user confidence declines. These are only two of the many problems that occur after a breach, sometimes the backlash can be so detrimental a company may not recover. Companies must take aggressive advances to protect users.That is the service we provide for our clients. Easy and secure log-ins, and an extra level of protection when you need it. We just helped implement this feature for their clients. This added security feature ensures that even if your username and password are stolen, a hacker would never get access to sensitive customer information. Do you use Do you want this extra layer of security? Ask your rep to turn on the Two-Factor Authentication feature. Securing account access is no longer a comfort but a necessity. TeleSign's phone based Two-Factor Authentication is easy to implement, frictionless for users, and prevents compromised accounts. If you want to protect your company's reputation and secure user access, contact a representative at TeleSign today.

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