Connect to TeleSign's Phone Data Intelligence in the RapidAPI Marketplace

Created by developers, for developers, RapidAPI makes it easy to find and connect to over 8,000 of the world's most powerful APIs. The marketplace is a one-stop shop for learning about, testing and deploying solutions that help enhance digital experiences and applications--but it just became even more robust with the addition of TeleSign's phone data intelligence APIs.Developers utilizing RapidAPI can now access valuable customer identity insights, all through a single SDK or function call to integrate with the TeleSign APIs.


When developers utilize TeleSign's data intelligence APIs, they are able to take end-user-provided phone numbers and receive back from us the phone type, telecom carrier name, phone registration information, and a fraud risk assessment recommendation (allow, block or challenge user based on potential fraud). This information enables the business to reduce fraud, inform risk models and even determine the optimal channel for communications. Businesses can stay ahead of fraudsters, connect with their users in more relevant and engaging ways and improve the security and experience of their platform.In offering our APIs through RapidAPI, we make it easy for developers in the community to answer critical questions about their users with valuable end-user data, available in over 230 countries and territories.  TeleSign's network spans across 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes with providers worldwide to ensure the highest availability, delivery and completion rates, with unmatched international coverage, so developers can reach and connect with anyone in the world, at any time.TeleSign's PhoneID API and Score API are available now. Our SMS and voice API offerings—which enable developers to send and receive SMS and voice communications directly from their web and mobile applications -- are also coming soon to the marketplace.


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