Connect to TeleSign's Customer Identity Data & Fraud Protection Services In The Rakuten RapidAPI Marketplace

The importance of cybersecurity is growing in Japan and across the Asia-Pacific region. Most digital businesses are gaining user trust by protecting their consumer's online accounts and the Rakuten RapidAPI Marketplace is making it easy for their developer community to add account security by providing direct access to TeleSign's APIs.The Rakuten RapidAPI Marketplace connects API providers with developers in Japan and across Asia. Developers find, test and connect their applications to thousands of APIs, now including those provided by TeleSign, focused on security. TeleSign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions. Through APIs that deliver user verification, data insights, and communications solving today's unique customer challenges by bridging the business to the complex world of global telecommunications.


With TeleSign, Rakuten RapidAPI developers can secure their consumer accounts from compromise and verify suspicious activities and high-value transactions by sending one-time passcodes to verified end-user phone numbers, often referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA). Users simply receive the code to their mobile device and verify their identity by entering the correct code where prompted directly from the web or mobile app. 2FA significantly decreases the risk of hackers accessing online accounts by combining passwords (something users know) with a second factor, like a mobile phone number (something they have). It helps prevent account fraud where stolen identity data is harvested from breaches and the dark web.Developers can even utilize actionable phone data and fraud risk intelligence on end-user provided numbers to block fraudulent activity and glean valuable identity insights while removing user friction. Customer identity data helps the business answer critical questions about their users by using their phone numbers to obtain data intelligence about their device, contact information, location, and more (data attributes vary by country). Phone number data intelligence can help strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts, inform risk models, improve conversions and accuracy of collected information and even determine the optimal channel for message delivery.


Rakuten RapidAPI developers can now create and validate reliable identity profiles using TeleSign's APIs:

  • SMS Verify- delivers patented phone-based verification and two-factor authentication using a time-based, one-time passcode sent over SMS
  • PhoneID – a single data API that provides access to multiple data attributes, includes detailed and actionable global phone number data, carrier, device and contact information (data coverage varies by country)
  • Score - delivers reputation scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium

TeleSign is very excited to be part of the Rakuten RapidAPI Marketplace. We encourage developers to try out our robust user verification and data insights products to protect their valuable ecosystems. Let us help you reduce fake users, account takeovers, phishing schemes and spam attacks. The world's largest digital enterprises utilize our services, 20 of the top 25 online companies in the world trust TeleSign!Rakuten RapidAPI developers can visit: start testing and using TeleSign's APIs now.

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