CloudPlatform Blocks the Bad Guys from your Site

For years now, Citrix has offered business solutions that are flexible, convenient, and easy-to-use. Citrix CloudPlatform is another product that falls in line.  CloudPlatform allows companies to build and customize cloud services that are scalable, reliable, and affordable. These Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds have the capability to be private, public or hybrid letting businesses tailor their cloud infrastructure based on their exact preferences.Citrix CloudPlatform allows detailed customization and includes additional features that enhance the solution. TeleSign Verify SMS & Voice along with PhoneID Standard are integrated into CloudPlatform for added security. TeleSign's PhoneID Standard allows CloudPlatform clients to identify what type of phone their registrants are using, such as, pre-paid mobile, landline, mobile, VoIP etc. Depending on the risk level associated with the phone number, CloudPlatform clients can create their own rules on registration requirements. For instance, some clients limit registration to mobile and landline users only to eliminate any losses that can be associated with high-risk phone types.In addition to using TeleSign's PhoneID Standard, some CloudPlatform customers combat the issue of fraudulent registrations by using TeleSign Verify SMS & Voice for phone-based verification. Registrants are sent a one-time pin code via SMS or voice to the phone number they provide during registration. If the registrant enters the code correctly on the site, they can proceed with their registration. By adding this additional step, CloudPlatform clients also capture a traceable phone number from their end users.  This opens up future possibilities, such as adding phone-based two-factor authentication and password resets to prevent account compromise.Citrix partners with some of the strongest technology leaders in the space, creating an unbeatable ecosystem of features and resources.

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