Businesses Win With Interactive Two-Way Communications - The New Customer Experience

Consumers recognize the value of a great customer experience and brands that deliver them are the ones who win.  They gain engaged, connected and loyal customers who will recommend their products and services to friends and family.

What does great a great customer experience look like?

Picture this... You visit a concert tickets website, register for an account, provide a profile of your preferred venues and request to be notified when concert tickets become available in your area.  A few weeks go by and you receive an SMS from the ticket company, informing you that tickets are now available.  Better yet, the message goes on to say that you only need to respond with the word “BUY” to complete your purchase of 4 concert tickets in Section 24, Row 8-12 for $89 each on Tuesday, July 18. Of course, you immediately reply and within seconds you see another text message from the ticket company confirming your purchase with instructions to check your email account to claim your tickets.  All of this happened in a matter of seconds versus a 25-minute search on the website, adding them to a cart and running through a slightly long check-out process.This new personalized shopping experience is designed to make it very easy for you to buy goods and services you need and want, at the speed of light – via SMS.  Don't you wish all shopping experiences can be this easy!

How businesses win

No other medium is as effective at reaching and connecting with customers as SMS messaging. Customers are over four times more likely to open an SMS text than an email, making it the top choice for customer service. Businesses who use SMS messaging for customer support are achieving +92% success rates and are significantly reducing timescales, compared to email and phone. As an added bonus, they are also experiencing +25% increases in customer satisfaction.Interactive two-way SMS communications are changing the way businesses communicate and engage with their customers.Here are a few other ways to use interactive two-way communications:

  • Customize the buying process – distribute unique codes via text message prior to a presale event and provide clickable links to pre-loaded carts to make it easy for users to buy or transact
  • Create real-time customer interactions - allow customers to respond to or initiate communications instantly by sending and receiving text-based alerts, reminders, notifications and invites
  • Provide interactive customer service & support – allow customers to respond to refund alerts, banking alerts and create an effective touch point throughout the customer lifecycle with an optimal “human-touch” user experience
  • Gather information from customers – collect insights and data instantly through marketing campaigns, surveys, contests and promotions
  • Protect transactions, logins & password resets - send an SMS with an OTP along with transaction details and allow the user to reply with the code to approve or deny the request.

Interactive two-way SMS communications is a feature built into TeleSign's Messaging API.  Want to learn more? View the documentation or try out our APIs for free today! Two-way SMS requires an additional transaction fee and is not available in all markets.

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