Brazil – Nuts About Social Media

Brazilians are among the world's keenest social media enthusiasts, ahead of the UK, US and Russia. Even though only 57% of them possess phones with Internet access, more than half check their social networks at least once a day, with Facebook being especially popular, along with Google-owned Orkut (the world's 5th most visited social site). Facebook Messenger also dominates the market for messaging services, ahead of Skype and WhatsApp. While Brazil also has the highest daily usage of SMS, with 12% sending at least 30 texts a day.

However, even though they're naturally very social, Brazilians are as cautious as anyone about their personal information, and have little faith in organizations which look after this data. In a recent survey, just 52% of mobile Internet users thought they could trust such companies, while 66% thought that even if they decided to stop sharing their data with them, these firms would still carry on collecting it anyway.

This clearly has implications for anyone involved in mobile identity. With the mobile phone being Brazil's primary point of access for the Internet, many users will be looking to register for accounts through their mobile. The most friction-free way to do this is to ask users to enter just their mobile number, and very little else. Not only does this result in optimum conversion rates, with minimal abandonment, it also connects a unique and readily verifiable form of identity with every account.

A user's mobile phone number is an unbeatable ‘trust anchor' for verifying identity, no matter where in the world they happen to be. But if that user has very little trust in an Internet company, and whether it will use such personal data responsibly, then they're unlikely to co-operate in the first place.

With the amount of social media excitement that events like the Rio Olympics and the World Cup are bound to generate, this is the type of own goal that any service provider should be looking to avoid.

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