Braze Platform Strengthens SMS Capabilities Via TeleSign

Braze (formerly Appboy) is a customer engagement platform that delivers messaging experiences across a slew of channels including push, email, in-app, and SMS. For Braze clients who want to send SMS messages to their customers, you can now use TeleSign's SMS web service directly from the Braze platform.

Leveraging an Effective Customer Communication Channel

90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes and, when compared to email messages, 98% of SMS messages are read vs. email at 20% (Adweek).  TeleSign's SMS web service helps businesses provide timely, personalized information through SMS-based alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, one-time-passcodes (OTPs) and other automated messages. The business benefits of using SMS include increases in customer engagement, satisfaction rates, and customer lifetime values (CLV).

In offering TeleSign's SMS service through the Braze platform, it's easy for Braze clients to incorporate the use of SMS--consumers preferred communication channel--to increase customer engagement.  TeleSign's SMS services are available in over 230 countries and territories and leverage a communications network that spans across an unrivaled number of direct-to-carrier connections with providers worldwide to ensure the highest availability, delivery and completion rates. Braze customers can reach and connect with anyone in the world, at any time.

View the Braze Partner Integration Documentation today! TeleSign SMS

Happy messaging!

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