Born from Business Need

Not all services are created equal.  In the phone messaging market, there is a broad spectrum of use cases, ranging from bulk marketing messages, peer-to-peer messaging and non-mission critical notifications — to mission critical security and authentication communications.

Varying customer expectations across that broad range of use-case needs drive vendor priorities as it relates to cost vs. performance.  Those customer needs influence the operating model of their service provider.  More often than not, providers are empowered to cave-in to cost savings at the expense of performance, since, most communications are not mission critical and most intended recipients don't care if the communication arrives. Therefore, the vendor is never really held accountable.  Though that is acceptable in some of the aforementioned use cases, when customer satisfaction and real dollars are on the line, there is no substitute for performance.

TeleSign has been providing phone verification services for the last 13 years with an unyielding obsession for constant improvement.  Our customers expect that and meeting those customer expectations has become core to TeleSign's culture.  To better understand TeleSign's kaizen approach to performance, it's helpful to understand that our solution was born from a mission-critical business need.  Services had to be available, detection of suspicious phone numbers had to be instantaneous and deliverability had to happen in seconds.  Otherwise, real dollars were lost.

TeleSign was born from a defrauded eCommerce business.  The fraud had real dollar operating impact.  With so much uncertainty as to the validity of a broad, decentralized customer base, creating a live connection to verify the user was required.  Reducing complexity and friction in the transaction was also required.  Naturally, using a token that everyone already had — a telephone — enabled instantaneous adoption to accelerate deployment.  The model worked.  Driven by strong customer references, the business grew and diversified.With that growth came a much deeper understanding of what was required to maintain carrier class reliability and accuracy:  

  • What if the user is not SMS enabled?
  • What if the user enters their phone number incorrectly?
  • What can we tell about the user based on the phone number alone?
  • How do we accommodate all of the language complexities of our users?

We think our cloud communications platform masterfully addresses all of the above questions, and we continue to ask ourselves more as we optimize our services. Try us out and see for yourself.

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