Why I Chose TeleSign

Today TeleSign was listed as one of Los Angeles Business Journal's top places to work. It's a tremendous honor that we take a lot of pride in. Over the years I in particular have taken great joy in hitting our financial goals and generating new solutions to better serve our customers, but nothing brings a smile to my face quite like knowing that all of my colleagues look forward to coming to work each day, the same way I do.

I arrived in Los Angeles a little over a year ago to officially join TeleSign as the VP of Product and Marketing. Previously I had worked for Proximus and BICS, the latter as the director of Mergers and Acquisitions, where I oversaw the purchase of TeleSign in 2017. While evaluating TeleSign I saw incredible upside with the Silicon Beach area outfit. Here was a company that was pushing the envelope with innovation and reinventing the way we think about communication, security and engagement. The acquisition, strictly from a business perspective, was a no-brainer.

I had analyzed and led diligences of many companies in my tenure with BICS, but no company inspired me to uproot my life in Belgium and move halfway across the world; until TeleSign. Clearly, I have a personal connection to this company.

Founded by my colleagues, Ryan Disraeli (CEO) and Stacy Stubblefield (Chief Innovation Officer) in 2005, TeleSign amassed a strong core of talented people and yet has never lost the spirit of the plucky 2FA company formed fourteen years ago. Although our products have evolved and our strategy has shifted, the one thing that has remained constant with TeleSign is the culture that I fell in love with several years ago.

Looking specifically at my role here, TeleSign has shown explosive growth connecting and securing more than 5 billion users while working with 20 of the 25 largest internet properties in the world. Under my leadership, we have continued to pursue new technologies and expand our current solutions to new international markets while also growing our footprint in the identity and authentication space furthering our organizational evolution.

I am continually impressed with the product team and developers that come up with groundbreaking innovations every day. Currently, we are showing the world our new programmable voice API and expanding our mobile identity business worldwide.

Major changes to Score are underway and will be released in Q3. We continue to push the envelope when it comes to machine learning and data science as we prioritize staying on the cutting edge of ascendant technologies.

Our emphasis remains on continually raising the bar with technology. However, what sets TeleSign apart is our people. TeleSign prides itself on inclusivity and diversity, we try to promote an environment that fosters the creativity and personal development of our employees. Furthermore, we take a meritocratic approach to our decision making, often valuing ideas over titles.

My favorite part about working at TeleSign is that we empower people to make their own decisions, spread their wings and help the company soar. We are a team, no one person is more important than another, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. TeleSign is now a large, profitable business doing millions of dollars in revenue each year, but what sets us apart is we still have the soul of a start-up and a dedication to entrepreneurship, our customers and each other.

Carving out a new life for myself here has been difficult and rewarding. Yet I still arrive at work every day with the same energy and inspiration that I had on day one. Who knows, maybe there is something to working so close to the ocean and having so many gems in the city to discover and explore, but I've certainly noticed that our European colleagues have been finding countless excuses to visit.

I want to thank the Los Angeles Business Journal for this wonderful honor – the award validates what we've been doing, and inspires us to continue to make TeleSign the best place to work. I would like to personally invite anyone looking to make a career switch to spend some time learning about TeleSign, where we believe the future is only bound by our own imagination.

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