Barbarians at the Gate

Across the Internet, sites of all sizes are increasingly beset with malicious and criminal users perpetrating social spam, fraud, and cybercrime to a staggering degree. From social networks, to messaging platforms, to ecommerce merchants, once these hackers gain access to a site, the harm they can do is nearly unlimited. Said one ecommerce CEO whose recent success led almost immediately to a flood of new fraud, "When did my site become a haven for thieves looking to cash in their stolen credit cards?"

Yet defenses for these sites remain limited, and companies often find themselves throwing hurdles in front of their best customers by restricting site access, forcing users through "guilty-until-proven-innocent" steps like CAPTCHA, or requiring onerous validation procedures. Worse yet, these sites still find themselves painstakingly scrubbing a large number of transactions by hand, with material impacts on cost and customer satisfaction.

That's why Impermium has teamed with TeleSign to bring best-of-class telephone-based validation to the site integrity process. With TeleSign, suspicious customers are routed through a simple, user-friendly verification process, ensuring legitimate users move through while fraudsters and criminals stay out. In conjunction with the Impermium real-time threat detection capabilities and global threat network, site owners can control how tightly to lock down their site, balancing a great experience for trustworthy users with an impenetrable one for the bad guys. The combined solution allows administrators to rest assured that transactions such as registration, commenting, and login are safe and secure, with a minimum of inconvenience to users and the business.

To help businesses better understand the dangers and business implications of not protecting their site from fraudulent users and malicious user-generated content, TeleSign and Impermium have co-authored a white paper, Prevent Social Spam and Fraud From Sabotaging Your Brand, available on December 5. To discuss these issues more deeply, we will also be hosting a webinar on December 13th, Stop Social Spam. You will be able to hear directly from me and TeleSign - we hope you'll join and contribute to the conversation.To learn more about this partnership:

  • Webinar: Register for our upcoming webinar Stop Social Spam on December 13th -- a joint event hosted by TeleSign and Impermium. Click here for more information.
  • Special Report: Download our “Prevent Social Spam and Fraud From Sabotaging Your Brand” report, available December 5th.

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