Leading Artist Platform Boosts Growth & Reduces Fraud With Telesign

ArtStation is a showcase platform that enables artists to create slick portfolio websites that enable them to stay inspired and develop a fan-base while finding new business opportunities from the media and entertainment world. As an industry-leading hub with millions of users internationally and a quickly growing ecosystem, fraud prevention is critical. As a result of turning to TeleSign, ArtStation is now experiencing less fraud and more valuable and sustainable growth in their ecosystem.

Challenges Faced

Although ArtStation has always been focused on fraud prevention, when they began seeing spikes in fake accounts that could eventually impact their ecosystem, they realized they would need more sophisticated solution that included:

  • a better account registration/authentication process to gain user insights & combat fake accounts
  • a new solution to optimize the registration process for valuable users and eliminate bad actors
  • a vendor that could offer better SMS delivery rates and broader international reach

Reducing Fake Users

ArtStation implemented a robust fraud prevention solution using TeleSign's Score and SMS products, resulting in less fraud and higher quality, verified users. “With TeleSign, we're generally able to tell a fake user from a legitimate one instantly. We literally went from having to ban thousands of fake accounts every month down to a handful,” stated Leonard Teo, CEO of ArtStation.

Boosting Growth

Through use of TeleSign Score, ArtStation is now able to detect bad actors instantly upon sign up, before they can enter and damage their ecosystem.  As a result, the community is more valuable and less vulnerable to the damaging effects of bad actors.

TeleSign Score is gold! It allows us to make instant fraud risk decisions to allow, block or challenge a user at the time of registration, before a bad user impacts our community -- all without much friction on good users. - Leo Teo, CEO, ArtStation

To learn more about how ArtStation is using TeleSign, check out the full case study, here.Find out how TeleSign can help your business – talk with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives today!

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