App Verify: iOS & Android SDKs for Complete Mobile App Phone Verification

Product highlights
Laura Apel
Jun 15, 2017

TeleSign recently announced the availability of App Verify for iOS, a lightweight software development kit (SDK) that verifies phone numbers by sending SMS applinks that, when clicked, automatically deliver one-time passcodes (OTPs) to your mobile app to complete the verification process, with minimal end-user interaction.

“Our goal is to provide a better experience for our developers and their end users and the new App Verify for iOS SDK delivers on both aspects,” explains Sergi Isasi, Director of Product Management. “It lets developers quickly and easily add a verification flow on iOS that users are going to find easier to use than a manual OTP."

The SDK also enables you to customize applink URI schemes for easy deep linking and app discoverability and set up language templates to localize the user experience. A sample app is also included, with phone verification best practices built right in.

App Verify for Android, available since 2015, utilizes a proprietary carrier-signaling method where verification is automatically performed in the background (app to phone), reducing manual steps, improving conversions and lowering user verification costs.

Together, the SDKs put TeleSign at the forefront of offering simple, secure verification tools to businesses across the globe looking to protect and grow user on the two largest operating systems in the world.App Verify SDKs for iOS and Android are available now. Check out our documentation here, our SDKs on GitHub and get started for free through our self-service portal.

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