Contact Match - Online Age Verification Solution

“Please enter your birthdate to continue.”This was a common prompt in the early days of the internet that many are quite familiar with. Maybe you were trying to find an old super bowl commercial with twins or anthropomorphic frogs. Whatever the case, technology and age verification have come a long way and now several industries are selling direct to consumer products that need to position themselves behind an age restricted barrier. TeleSign can keep you compliant while providing the best user experience available. Let's walk through some industries where this may apply.

Mobile Gaming

Arguably the most explosive industry on the planet, more states are legalizing gaming every day. With a market that is projected to near 100 billion dollars by 2024, it's easy to see why many companies want in on the action. Onboarding users onto a platform that is by its nature ‘mobile' presents some unique challenges in regards to age verification. Sometimes merely asking one's age isn't enough. That's why we bring data into the equation.TeleSign's Contact Match can not only help with age verification but also mobile identity in a two birds one stone situation. We can match birthdate against carrier data to show that this person is who they say they are AND that they are of legal age to play. Thus, the platform is preventing fraud, covering themselves from a compliance perspective and also allowing a frictionless user experience. As certain jurisdictions have varying age requirements a platform could set certain permissions by where a user is based.

Alcohol and tobacco

Online sales of alcohol jumped nearly 33% from 2017 to 2018 and that number is expected to grow exponentially. As more of our commerce has shifted to web, alcohol distribution has been no different. Now with the e-cigarette boom also taking place, it's not surprising that we have also seen a heavy dose of this traffic taking place on the web. The difference between mobile gaming and the delivery of alcohol and tobacco is of course that someone is physically delivering it.Perhaps you have ordered from an alcohol delivery service and been asked to scan an ID or even show it to a courier. These are forms of friction and also potential liability points for a platform. It is costly to train delivery drivers to adequately check IDs, and labor intensive to build a platform that can thoroughly scan an assortment of driver's licenses, IDs and passports.Again, an alternative is to use easy mobile identity data. Contact Match can be an additional data point that keeps companies safe be it via brand integrity and protecting them from massive fines that can be levied against irresponsible platforms. Various governing bodies are already worried that the ease of alcohol delivery can led to underage sales. With the addition of Contact Match this gives your platform a chance to combat the various loopholes that some enterprising minors have found.Of course mobile gaming, alcohol, tobacco are just the tip of the iceberg. As more states legalize cannabis there will undoubtedly be a large market of marijuana delivery in the not too distant future nationwide. The best way to prepare for this is to use TeleSign and data to make this as painless as possible. We want you to make money, we also want you to do it safely and responsibly.Click here to learn more about Contact Match and TeleSign's data products.

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