99% Reduction in Credit Card Fraud and Chargebacks

In the past two years at TeleSign I have worked with many domain and hosting sites helping them reduce their online fraud.  Recently I started working with Vincentas Grinius from Host1Plus.com. He contacted us looking for a better way to prevent credit card fraud and control the sign up process for new users on his site, Host1Plus.com. Host1Plus.com is a web hosting service and provides their clients with domain name registration services, SSL certifications, and hosting and business tools.

As our conversation progressed it came to my attention that he was experiencing over $50,000 a year in fraud and had five dedicated people manually reviewing his orders.  Host1Plus.com decided to implement TeleSign's Telephone Verification and PhoneID solutions to combat his credit card fraud.

Using TeleSign's PhoneID to determine the type of phone during registration, Host1Plus.com was able to recognize the anonymous and risky non-fixed VOIP numbers globally and score the account as higher risk. This score is then used as part of his decision engine in determining whether to approve, deny, or review an order.

Additionally, when an order is being placed with a landline or mobile phone and has been flagged for manual review, he is able to automate part of the review process by sending a one-time PIN code via TeleSign's service to the phone. When the user receives the code, they enter it back into the Host1Plus site and verify that they are available at that valid working number and they are authorizing this transaction. This automation tool has allowed him to convert more legitimate orders that were flagged for review and recognize fraudulent orders in a timelier manner.

By implementing TeleSign's solutions, we were able to help Host1Plus.com reduce their manual review staff by 80%, down to 1 FTE and reduce their chargebacks and fraud by 99%.  Launching TeleSign products in Aug. 2001, Host1Plus.com estimates that we will save them nearly $70,000 during 2011 in prevented fraud, chargebacks, and manual review staff expenses.

“TeleSign is the best in the industry at Phone Verification and has helped me with all that I have requested.  Their excellent customer service and deliverability are why I believe that they are the best choice when it comes to Phone Verification.” – Vincentas Grinius | Host1Plus.com

If you are experiencing fraud, are looking to improve your decision engine for your orders, or have a long and costly manual review process, consider TeleSign's PhoneID and Telephone Verification.  Feel free to contact us at getstarted@telesign.com or call us at 310 740 9700

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