2FA Round-up: Government Agencies Approve Multifactor Authentication

As stay at home orders around the globe continue, fraudsters are having a field day preying on fear and spreading misinformation. TeleSign experts have advised platforms to enable 2FA and consumers to turn it on. Activating 2FA can block 100% of automated bot attacks and 99% of bulk phishing attacks according to data from Google.

Now, leading government agencies both at home and abroad are joining in the calls for universal 2FA adoption. Here is a non-exhaustive list of organizations recommending two-factor authentication.

The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (
CISA) has recommended multifactor authentication.

CISA is responsible for protecting the Nation's critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats. During an April 29th article, the organization stated,

“CISA encourages organizations to implement an organizational cloud strategy to protect their infrastructure assets… Specifically, CISA recommends that administrators implement the following mitigations and best practices:

Use multi-factor authentication. This is the best mitigation technique to protect against credential theft.”

Phone-based 2FA is a secure, minimally invasive to make sure your employees are keeping your platform secure in a work from home setting.

IRS warns: Tax data thefts are spiking, so use 2FA

Many American businesses and consumers are taking advantage of the three month filing extensions the government has granted on income taxes. While it may not be top of mind for everyone, fraudsters obtain tax data through phishing and malware, then use that data to file an artificial tax return in a victim's name.

The Internal Revenue Service is then urging consumers, accountants and tax prep software platforms to enable 2FA. Two-factor authentication can help in the event a credential is compromised by requiring the person accessing an account to not only type in a username and password, but also have physical access to a second factor, such as a smart phone and one-time passcode sent by SMS. Here are five other scams to watch out for during tax season 2020.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Recommends 2FA

In March, the FBI put out a warning after seeing a rise in fraudulent schemes related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically the FBI has mentioned fake CDC emails and phishing emails for the following…

  • Charitable contributions
  • General financial relief
  • Airline carrier refunds
  • Fake cures and vaccines
  • Fake testing kits

In what might be the most diabolical scam yet, fraudsters have been targeting the new CARES Act. Fraudsters are deducing ways to scam their way to a piece of the $2 trillion dollar pie and government agencies are once again encouraging everyone, from their own stakeholders to other small businesses and consumers to turn on 2FA because of its effectiveness against bot attacks and phishing. It's important that everyone takes the necessary steps to stay safe against covid, both online and off.

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