27,000 Hours

There is a theory you may have heard of called the '10,000 hour rule.' Based upon the research of Swedish Psychologist Anders Ericsson and popularized by economist Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Outliers,' the theory states that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are necessary to become a world class expert in a given field. LeBron James with basketball, Yo-Yo Ma and the cello, me eating pizza; all things that have happened in excess of 10,000 hours.Something that TeleSign has always prided itself on is ‘Verification.' It's how we started, it's our bread and butter. We were the original phone verification company, building our business by solving the problems of the largest web companies in the world. As pioneers in the space we consider ourselves experts at authenticating new users and protecting online accounts.As a thought experiment, I tried to figure out how much time TeleSign has spent thinking about verification. Seeing as TeleSign is a collection of individuals and a brand, I thought the best way to think of this outside of the abstract is by using a person that has been here from the beginning. Stacy Stubblefield is our co-founder, our chief innovation officer and really the keeper of the TeleSign brain trust since day one, in 2005.Now while your author does not claim to be a mathematician, I believe we can all agree that excluding partial years 2006-2018 would constitute 13 years. Furthermore, using the standard American work week of 40 hours and 52 weeks in a year I've come to my formula of…

Math Lesson

40 hours * 52 weeks * 13 years.~27,000 hours.This is of course, an insult to Stacy who spends many hours of overtime and sleepless weekends thinking up ways to keep our customers safe, but at the very minimum Stacy alone is nearly three times an expert at verification. This doesn't even bring in the dozens of developers, product managers and account managers who think about this for a living. I guess what I'm trying to say is…we know our stuff. You should join the many global companies that trust us to keep their users safe, we've been at it for a while.And while on the subject of Stacy, don't forget to check out her master class on the power of mobile identity. You might learn a thing or two and get a chance to witness her expertise firsthand.

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