2FA is not enough

2FA is not enough

Still relying only on SMS OTPs for account verification? There’s a better way.

SMS is the most common user verification method used today because nearly every internet user has a mobile phone.  But we all know it has weaknesses.

TeleSign Digital Identity helps you strike a balance between easy customer verification and protecting your business.

Find out why 21 of the top 25 websites worldwide trust TeleSign. The results speak for themselves:

  • 33% reduction in fake accounts
  • 60% reduction in unauthorized transactions
  • 80% reduction in account abuse

Talk to our experts today to see how TeleSign can help you reduce identity fraud while improving your customer experience!

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TeleSign connects and protects online experiences on a global scale with sophisticated security and trust solutions. Through APIs that deliver user verification, data insights, and communications, we solve today’s unique customer challenges.

TeleSign’s solutions can help you to:

•   Prevent Account Takeover
•   Know Your Customer
•   Minimize fraudulent transactions
•   Verify phone numbers

Trusted by the world's largest platforms
Trusted by the world's largest platforms