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Verify, Authenticate, Alert. SMS is a must.

TeleSign Verify SMS


TeleSign Verify SMS can be used to authenticate a known user, verify a transaction, or block fraudsters from opening thousands of accounts on your site.

TeleSign Verify SMS verifies users in real time by sending a one-time verification code via SMS to their mobile phone. We deliver SMS to more than 200 countries, and we’ve cracked the code on making sure they are sent in the language you intended, instead of showing up as weird characters.

Your SMS Will Reach Your User

We’d sell our soul to make sure your SMS gets to your user. We’ve got a waterfall in place so that messages are tried through multiple routes and multiple carriers. We don’t just connect with operators, we ARE a network operator. We have a team of people obsessed with delivery, and we’ve got the tools to respond quickly to any issue.

Super Simple API Integration

Our API seamlessly integrates into existing systems so that you can combine it with your own business logic to trigger authentication or verification messages. If you ever have any questions, your friendly Technical Account Manager will walk you through integration and troubleshooting. Check out our SDKs.

The "S" Stands for Short

Even though the S stands for Short, we get that sometimes you need to send longer messages to your users. We get it. We make sure that long messages look great and make sense to users when they receive them on their phones with Long Message Support and Smart Message Splitting.

SMS Normalization

Umlauts, accents, circumflexes, and all non-Latin-based messages need a little more love to be delivered intact, and sometimes to be delivered at all. Understanding all the intricacies of international SMS messaging can be daunting, but we’re experts and we’ll take care of it for you.

Clean Up that Phone Number!

Phone Cleansing automatically corrects improperly formatted phone numbers to adhere to international dialing standards. It can recover phone numbers that are undialable, increasing deliverability and call completion.
If we cleanse a number, we let you know how the number was entered, how we corrected it, and how we dialed it.

How it Works

With a flexible API, you can integrate our service into your system based on your needs. Here is the typical flow:

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    Your website

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    TeleSign Server

  • Alt description

    User's phone

  • Alt description

    Your website

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  1. User makes a request that triggers an authentication or verification based on the protocols you establish. In this step you either ask the user to provide their phone number, or you ping your database to find the number you have on record for the user.
  2. Your server makes an API call to TeleSign, passing on the user’s phone number and verification code, if you are generating the code.
  3. TeleSign sends an SMS with the verification code to the user anywhere in the world. Really, anywhere.
  4. The user enters the verification code back into your website.
  5. If you’ve generated the verification code, you match it on your end. If TeleSign has generated the code, you make an API to tell us what the user entered in your website and we’ll return an Invalid or Valid status.


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Companies block fraud, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and protect their brand and their customers by verifying users in real-time using the simplest and most widely deployed technology available —the telephone.


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