PhoneID Suite

Discover how a user’s phone number can unlock their mobile identity to block fake accounts and prevent account compromise.

PhoneID Suite


TeleSign PhoneID returns data about your users based on their phone number. The PhoneID Suite consists of multiple REST APIs that you can use, depending on your preference and use case. PhoneID products can be used as a stand-alone service, or for better protection they can be used in conjunction with TeleSign Verify.

PhoneID products can identify the following attributes:

PhoneID Standard: Phone type, registration information, and telecom carrier.
PhoneID Contact: Name and address associated with the phone number.
PhoneID Live: Subscriber and device status, including roaming status and country for GSMA phones.

 PhoneID Suite

Product PhoneID Standard PhoneID Contact PhoneID Live PhoneID Score
Phone type
Phone Number Cleansing
Telecom Carrier
Registration Information
Name & Address      
Subscriber/Device Status      
Roaming Status    
Risk Level      

How it Works

The process is pretty simple. You make an API call, sending us the user's phone number, and we return data about the phone number. Here is a sample of the data we return:

"status": {
"updated_on": "2013-09-10T16:35:56.143123Z",
"code": 300,
"description": "Transaction successfully completed"
"phone_type": {
"code": "2",
"description": "MOBILE"
"errors": [],
"location": {
"city": "Countrywide",
"zip": null,
"country": {
"iso3": "GBR",
"iso2": "GB",
"name": "United Kingdom"
"time_zone": {
"utc_offset_min": "0",
"name": null,
"utc_offset_max": "0"
"coordinates": {
"latitude": null,
"longitude": null
"metro_code": null,
"county": null,
"state": null
"numbering": {
"original": {
"phone_number": "7735011002",
"complete_phone_number": "447735011002",
"country_code": "44"
"cleansing": {
"sms": {
"phone_number": "7735011002",
"min_length": 10,
"cleansed_code": 100,
"max_length": 10,
"country_code": "44"
"call": {
"phone_number": "7735011002",
"min_length": 10,
"cleansed_code": 100,
"max_length": 10,
"country_code": "44"
"sub_resource": "live",
"live": {
"roaming_country": null,
"roaming": "NO",
"roaming_country_iso2": null,
"device_status": "REACHABLE",
"subscriber_status": "ACTIVE"
"carrier": {
"name": "Telefonica O2 UK Ltd"
"reference_id": "014108BA98F0020BE4D473440001BEEA",
"resource_uri": null


Download: PhoneID

The TeleSign PhoneID Suite returns a variety of phone-based attributes associated with a phone number, all in real time.


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