PhoneID Live

Returns key information about a person’s mobile identity, including their device and subscriber status.

PhoneID Live


PhoneID Live verifies that a phone number is active and reachable. Many of our customers find the most value in identifying a disconnected number before they take action. PhoneID Live can also tell you if the phone is roaming internationally, and if so, where. Here is the data you get with PhoneID Live:

  • Phone status: Subscriber Status (Active/Disconnected), and Device Status (Reachable/Unreachable).
  • Phone type: Mobile, Landline, Non-fixed VoIP, Invalid, Pre-Paid, Personal, Pager, Toll-Free, and Restricted.
  • Telecom carrier information: AT&T Wireless, Boost Mobile, O2, etc.
  • Geographic information: City, County, State, Country, Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone.
  • Roaming information: Roaming Status and Roaming Country.

Patent Protected

On May 17, 2011, TeleSign announced that the U.S. Patent Office awarded Patent No. 7,945,034 for TeleSign’s PhoneID, a technology that enables companies to identify risky transactions by analyzing and reporting a set of key attributes associated with a phone number.

An Invalid Number is Powerful

Knowing which numbers are not associated with a subscriber can be more important than knowing there is a subscriber. You can prompt users to provide a valid number, reject a request on the spot, route users down a different decision path, or flag an account to monitor.

How it Works

Once an end user provides a phone number, as part of the checkout process or when filling out a form, you send us the phone number through an API call, and we return the device status (reachable or unreachable), and/or subscription status (active or inactive) of the phone number. Here is a sample result:

"status": {
"updated_on": "2013-09-10T16:35:56.143123Z",
"code": 300,
"description": "Transaction successfully completed"
"phone_type": {
"code": "2",
"description": "MOBILE"
"errors": [],
"location": {
"city": "Countrywide",
"zip": null,
"country": {
"iso3": "GBR",
"iso2": "GB",
"name": "United Kingdom"
"time_zone": {
"utc_offset_min": "0",
"name": null,
"utc_offset_max": "0"
"coordinates": {
"latitude": null,
"longitude": null
"metro_code": null,
"county": null,
"state": null
"numbering": {
"original": {
"phone_number": "7735011002",
"complete_phone_number": "447735011002",
"country_code": "44"
"cleansing": {
"sms": {
"phone_number": "7735011002",
"min_length": 10,
"cleansed_code": 100,
"max_length": 10,
"country_code": "44"
"call": {
"phone_number": "7735011002",
"min_length": 10,
"cleansed_code": 100,
"max_length": 10,
"country_code": "44"
"sub_resource": "live",
"live": {
"roaming_country": null,
"roaming": "NO",
"roaming_country_iso2": null,
"device_status": "REACHABLE",
"subscriber_status": "ACTIVE"
"carrier": {
"name": "Telefonica O2 UK Ltd"
"reference_id": "014108BA98F0020BE4D473440001BEEA",
"resource_uri": null


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