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Account compromise and spam threaten the brand reputation and increase operational costs of social networking sites. TeleSign helps both social networks and dating sites to secure account access, reduce operational costs, increase user satisfaction and protect brand reputation. The world’s largest social networking sites trust TeleSign for security against account compromise.

Protect Brand Reputation

  • Social Networks and dating sites risk their reputation if they experience high-profile account takeovers
  • TeleSign provides an additional layer of security to social networking and dating sites, protecting user privacy and preventing account compromise

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Prevent bulk registrations to reduce manual suspension of accounts
  • Reduce cost of call center for password reset related issues which typically consume 30% of help desk resources
  • Reduce resources used by abusive accounts
  • Reduce chargebacks by verifying users at account creation or during payment

Better User Experience

  • TeleSign’s automated password reset process is more secure and efficient than email
  • TeleSign promotes safer interactions amongst members by verifying users
  • Reduces site spam

Fast Facts

  1. How do your services help prevent bulk registrations or spam?
    By requesting users to enter a unique phone number during the registration process fraudsters will look elsewhere to create erroneous accounts that propagate spam.
  2. How do your services prevent account takeovers?
    We create a trust anchor between you and your users by allowing a user to register their unique phone number. Once they’ve registered they have the ability to verify their identity anytime they update their account with new profile information or profile pictures, etc.
  3. How does your service integrate into our existing website?
    We easily integrate into your existing website via a REST API.
  4. How are your services priced?
    We offer a tiered pricing model based on monthly transaction volume. On average transactional, the cost is pennies per transaction.

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