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Public organizations face the threat of cyber-terrorism, malicious activities aimed at critical infrastructure, and the theft, sabotage, and exploitation of government assets and data. TeleSign two-factor authentication adds a critical layer of security beyond a user name and password to secure access to sensitive government data and comply with regulations such as CJIS.

Stronger Security

TeleSign 2FA protects access to:

  • Sensitive information
  • Online government portals
  • Databases
  • VPN access
  • Public facing portals

Regulation Compliance

  • TeleSign 2FA helps Public Sector agencies to comply with the requirement for user authentication to access internal accounts.
  • Advanced authentication—which requires a second factor of authentication to access CJIS data.

Trusted Password Reset

Thirty-five percent of help desk calls are password reset related. TeleSign's two-step authentication leverages a preregistered phone number to send a one-time authentication code to the user. By using TeleSign 2FA, customers automate the password reset process, dramatically improving user experience while reducing help desk support cost.

CJIS Compliance

Since September 2010, the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) requires the use of a second factor for authentication when data is accessed from a remote location.

TeleSign helps government agencies to comply with CJIS by:

  • Providing a critical layer of security beyond user name and password using advanced two-step authentication 
  • Enabling agencies to deploy an easy to use and efficient solution without the costs of provisioning and maintaining hard tokens or software downloads

Fast Facts

  1. What is your pricing structure?
    We offer both a per-transaction or per-user pricing model.
  2. What areas of our business can your solution be applied?
    Public Sector organizations use TeleSign to protect account access from compromise, authenticate remote risk-based logins, and secure password resets.
  3. What is the ROI for automating the password reset process?
    On average we have reduced password-related help desk costs by 40% for our clients.

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