About Payments

TeleSign’s products and business intelligence enables online payment companies to detect fraudulent transactions more efficiently, prevent account compromise, reduce operational costs and fraud losses, and increase conversion of legitimate transactions.

Employ TeleSign Verify to verify users during Account Registration and Transaction Process.

Prevent Fraud and Identify Risk

  • Prevent compromised accounts and secure online payments implementing TeleSign 2FA, a phone-based two-factor authentication product. Leverage on phone or mobile as an automated system for authentication.
  • Identify high risk transactions with PhoneID, a risk tool that provides real-time business intelligence

Reduce Support Costs

  • Automate business processes
  • Reduce help desk costs
  • Reduce time and costs of manual reviews

Complement Current Risk Scoring

  • Trigger verification for high-risk transactions
  • Enhance risk score with PhoneID data

Protect your Brand Reputation

  • Provide a critical layer of security for your clients
  • Improve brand loyalty and user retention

Fast Facts

  1. When can your services be used?
    Account sign-up
    Account login
    Payment and fund transfers
    Password resets
  2. I’m reluctant to add additional customer friction, what can we do?
    TeleSign has a data intelligence product, PhoneID, which returns critical data elements to determine risk. This risk tool is frictionless and can be used to secure online payments by flagging or blocking high-risk users and associated transactions. As a second layer of security for high-risk transactions, phone verification can be utilized.

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