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Lead Generation

About Lead Generation

Twenty to forty percent of all contact details submitted to lead forms are invalid or unreachable. TeleSign’s data intelligence improves the quality of lead data, providing buyer’s with high quality actionable leads, enabling them to increase margins and save valuable resources. The world’s largest online properties trust TeleSign to improve business intelligence.

Increase the Value and Quality of Leads

Leads with confirmed phone numbers (and confirmed reachability) can be sold for a higher margin or dollar amount than leads without confirmed phone numbers. Trust TeleSign for lead verification and validation to increase the value of the generated leads.

Business Intelligence for more focused follow up and marketing campaigns

Identifying line types such as mobile and landlines, lead generators can perform more effective:

  • Follow ups such as calling landlines in the evenings when prospects are more likely to be home
  • Sending SMS advertising to only mobile phones

Meet Buyer's Requirements

Lead buyers require accurate and up-to-date contact information to help improve their margins and efficiencies. PhoneID helps them meet that requirement by confirming a potential prospects phone number.

Improve Company Reputation

Selling leads with inaccurate contact or lead data can hurt a lead generator’s reputation. By providing tools that help them improve the quality of their lead data, we help improve their reputation as a leader in the space.

Fast Facts

  1. How is your PhoneID service priced?
    Our pricing is based on the volume of transactions you complete in a given month.
  2. How does your service integrate into our existing website or web form?
    We easily to integrate into your existing website via a REST API.

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