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Hosting and registrars are challenged with preventing fraudulent purchases and validating WHOIS information. Older methods of verifying online transactions and WHOIS data such as manual verification and email verification result in higher fraud rates, increased operational costs, as well as the risk of losing ICANN accreditation. TeleSign enables Domain and Hosting providers to substantially reduce fraud and chargebacks, prevent account compromise, and automate the manual review process, resulting in lower operational costs and increased revenue.


Verify WHOIS Data

Using TeleSign Verify hosting and registrars can ensure:
  • ICANN regulations are met
  • User can be reached at the number that is being reported for that domain
  • Automation of annual WHOIS database updates

Prevent Fraud & Chargebacks

TeleSign’s solutions provide a risk-based multi-layer fraud defense strategy. If an order is flagged for manual review, PhoneID automatically and without interrupting the customer, returns information about the risk-level of the order based on characteristics of the phone number provided. In the event that a transaction is flagged as high-risk, the potential fraudster can be phone verified.

Automate Manual Reviews

  • PhoneID and TeleSign Verify enable merchants to approve legitimate orders faster without taxing a manual review team or introducing multiple steps for a customer to complete
  • Merchants manually review an average of 10-27% of orders received
  • 75% of reviewed orders are ultimately accepted after a costly manual review process
  • For some of the largest domain and hosting providers, TeleSign has significantly reduced fraud, chargebacks, the cost of manual reviews and time to revenue

Protect Account Access

Businesses struggle to find the right balance between security and ease of use when protecting account access. TeleSign delivers a no compromise solution by leveraging a user’s phone as an authentication device. TeleSign 2FA improves user experience, prevents account takeover, and reduces support costs without requiring additional hardware or software. The world’s largest companies trust TeleSign to protect themselves and their users.

Fast Facts

  1. How do your services integrate?
    Our services integrate via a REST API.
  2. We have clients all over the world; do your services work globally?
    We currently serve over 200 countries in over 87 languages. 
  3. What impact has your services made on reducing fraud?
    On average, we reduce client’s fraud around 80%.
  4. What impact has your services made on automating manual reviews?
    Based on a recent case study, our services automated the manual review process and decreased the cost of manual reviews by 88%. View Case Study
  5. Do you have to use TeleSign on every transaction?
    It is recommended but not required in every transaction. We have plenty of clients that leverage our services solely for high-risk transactions. Our Fraud Services team provides advice on industry best practices for user interface flow, and to help you define where and how to integrate TeleSign's products.

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