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Player accounts are more valuable than they have ever been and companies must protect the time and financial investment of a global user base against increased threats of account compromise and stolen currency. TeleSign protects against account compromise, improves the user experience, and reduces operational costs associated with traditional multi-factor authentication or user verification methods.

Gamer-Approved User Experience

Give your company a competitive advantage in the market by offering a proven high adoption global two factor authentication solution. Players love the efficiency and ease of use – no extra hardware to carry and no certificates or software to install, and best of all, it works with any phone.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Help desk and support costs are a major burden to any company. Drastically reduce help desk calls and support costs by leveraging a user’s phone number
  • Protect your users’ accounts against compromise and maximize profits by eliminating the need to purchase, deliver, and maintain tokens
  • Simplify, secure, and automate the password reset process

Defend their Lair

Players invest a significant amount of time and money in your games. Protect their investment with industry leading security. Making your players feel more secure will build trust and loyalty, leading to increased retention and game play.

Secure Transactions

Ten to twenty-five percent of all online purchases are manually reviewed by merchants to screen for fraud, adding significant operational costs and eroding profit margins. TeleSign’s business intelligence and automated verification tools help merchants detect fraud faster, reduce operational costs, and increase conversion of legitimate orders. The world’s largest online companies trust TeleSign to secure online transactions.


  • Stop gold farming
  • Prevent compromised accounts
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Reduce support costs
  • Mitigate chargebacks
  • Benefit from a dedicated gaming client services representative
  • Send account alerts

Fast Facts

  1. How do your services integrate?
    Our services integrate through a REST API.
  2. We have players all over the world; do your services work globally?
    Yes, our services are available in over 200 countries in over 80 languages.
  3. What impact have your services had in the gaming space?
    Our services help prevent account compromise, gold farming, reduce support costs, and increase brand loyalty.
  4. How is your service priced?
    We have a tiered, per transaction pricing model.

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