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Universities struggle to maintain security and provide convenience when authenticating personnel and student bodies for scenarios like password reset and remote access. Traditional methods result in poor user experience, increased operational cost, and risk associated with account compromise. TeleSign reduces costs associated with help desk calls and increases account security by authenticating users in real-time using the simplest and most widely deployed technology available — the telephone.

Lower Cost of Operation

  • TeleSign's strong authentication leverages a user’s phone, without requiring them to download software or purchase additional hardware
  • Reduce help desk costs and costs associated with maintaining staff
  • No setup or training required

Better User Experience

  • Students and faculty can reset their passwords in real time, 24/7, and quickly continue with their work
  • Users can conveniently access accounts remotely without compromising security

Stronger Security

  • Phone authentication is significantly more secure than username and passwords because the phone becomes a trusted device for authentication
  • Students and faculty have secure access to email, online portals, intranet, and VPN using TeleSign's strong two-factor authentication.

Fast Facts

  1. What is your pricing structure?
    We offer both a per-transaction or per-user pricing model.
  2. What areas of our business can your solution be applied?
    Public Sector organizations use TeleSign to protect account access from compromise, authenticate remote risk-based logins, and secure password resets.
  3. What is the ROI for automating the password reset process?
    On average we have reduced password-related help desk costs by 40% for our clients.

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