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Security concerns make businesses apprehensive to leverage the value of the Cloud. The leading cloud providers have overcome security concerns by using phone-based two-factor authentication. TeleSign solutions secure cloud storage, protect account access from compromise, increase brand reputation, reduce fraudulent registrations, and reduce help desk costs. The largest Cloud providers in the world trust TeleSign to secure the Cloud.

Protect Account Access

  • TeleSign 2FA effectively secures cloud storage and protects accounts from compromise by employing the user’s phone as a second factor of authentication
  • Enables companies to maintain higher cloud data storage security without increasing complexity

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Reduce manual suspension of accounts due to bulk account creation
  • Reduce cost of call center for password reset-related issues which typically consumes 30% of help desk resources
  • Reduce Cloud resources wasted by abusive accounts  

Better User Experience

  • Convenient user-experience with no set-up, additional hardware or software, and no training required
  • Rather than sending a password through insecure email notifications or requiring users to dial into a help desk, TeleSign 2FA improves the password reset process and reduces help desk costs

Fast Facts

  1. How are your services priced?
    Our services are a per-transaction tiered pricing model and can be pennies per transaction. 
  2. How does phone verification and PhoneID prevent bulk account creation and fraudulent signups?
    Phone validating users when they sign up for an account requires users to provide one phone number for each account. Some sophisticated fraudsters will purchase or obtain the inexpensive or free non-fixed VOIP numbers and attempt to create multiple accounts. PhoneID can detect anonymous and risky phone types, allowing businesses to flag or block access from these phone types and request a traceable landline or mobile number.
  3. Should we require our clients to use two-factor authentication?
    It depends on the client base and the level of access protection for the solution.  Several of our clients actually leave the decision to their users.  The user can activate 2FA on several optional risk-based scenarios: every login, only on new devices/IPs, every 30 days on the same device, or never.
  4. Why should we consider TeleSign over alternative authentication methods?
    There are several important reasons that phone authentication is better than traditional authentication methods.  For example, in public cloud scenarios, deploying hardware tokens would be a logistical and financial nightmare, whereas TeleSign requires no additional hardware.  Soft tokens, such as apps, are only good on smartphones.  TeleSign’s solutions work on any type of mobile phone and even landline phones can receive a voice call.  Lastly, we have built a fully redundant infrastructure to ensure these mission critical messages are delivered globally.
  5. What is implementation of your services like?
    Our services are based on a REST API.  Many of TeleSign customers are able to integrate and deploy in a short time, depending on the complexities of the scenarios that trigger phone authentication.

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