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Terry Somers

Terry SomersVice President, Network Operations

Terry Somers — wanna be golf pro, dog person, Da Bears fan — brings more than three decades of experience managing worldwide networks for industry-leading technology enterprises, Somers is no stranger to the demands of supporting mission-critical enterprise application services. In his role at TeleSign, Somers oversees all network operations and is responsible for providing clients with a reliable and consistent experience by keeping the systems running smoothly and efficiently around the clock.

For the past twelve years, Somers has focused on fast moving start-ups, identifying key operational practices coupled with the right balance of process, procedures, measured capacity expansion, and conservative staff growth. Somers delivered establish processes and improved operations organizations. Through this balanced approach and the use of effective management tools augmented by qualitative operational statistics, he has been able to improve availability, manage costs, and customer satisfaction even during periods of explosive growth.

Somers served as VP of Network Operations for LiveOffice, FrontBridge Technologies, Talaris (now Reardon Commerce) and Corio. He also held the position Director of Operations at Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services after Microsoft acquired FrontBridge Technologies where he helped integrate the FrontBridge Services into the Microsoft services environment.

Prior to plying his trade in small to mid-size companies, Somers helped senior technical management positions in operations, engineering and architecture at various companies, including Sabre Technologies, Galileo International and United Airlines.

Somers earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Loyola University of Chicago.

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